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August, 2010

However you found your way to this site, I'm glad you're here!

My name is Cathy Bryant, and I have been operating this website since January of 2000 - so you can imagine that I've seen many "opportunities," as well as internet marketers, come and go. So I've learned to recognize what works and what doesn't - and who really tells the truth about what it takes to make money online (or offline, for that matter).

I have recently spent a lot of time bringing my website up to date. I hope you will take the time to peruse my articles, which can be found here. In addition, I have just recently written a review of James Martell's "Affiliate Marketers SUPER Boot Camp," a product that will teach you everything you need to know to set up and operate an affiliate marketing business online.

I have also recently added a complementary blog to this website, and any updates to this website will be announced there. So I encourage my visitors to visit the blog and become a follower. I will be also adding a Twitter as well as a Facebook page, so this is a great way to know when they come online.

I have recently acquired the most recent edition of Holly Mann's Honest Riches and will write an updated review of it after I have finished it. You don't want to miss out on this, as her newest version is well over 200 pages and is filled with all the techniques she has learned over the last few years about how to develop an online business. Both James and Holly are extremely successful, and more importantly, honest, ethical internet marketers with inspiring success stories. You can't go wrong by following their advice, so be sure to check out both of them.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cathy Bryant

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